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1. We are MATURE.
Being a 90+ yr old company, we have the experience, know-how and expertise to anticipate & respond to the changing market demands.

2. We are GLOBAL.
Getz (Singapore), is a part of the Getz Group through which it has access to an extensive network of markets and businesses in over 24 countries.

3. We are TRUSTED.
Thanks to our excellent sales & after sales support we are a trusted and legendary brand in the industry.

We have developed our own in-house brands that surpass industry standards and have gained recognition and trust throughout the region.

5. We understand ECONOMICS.
In keeping with the changing dynamics of the local & international market place, we source & supply globally to make the best economic sense.

6. We nurture PARTNERSHIP.
One of our key secrets to success has been our long-term relations with our suppliers and customers.

7. We acknowledge DESIGN.
We co-sponsor the SIA-Getz AWARD for emergent architecture in Asia, with the aim of promoting good sustainable design.

8. We CARE.
We support the Green Earth movement and echo this support through the introduction of several green label, recyclable products within our product portfolio.