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SIA-Getz Architectural Prize is a prize for an emergent architect with architectural excellence in Asia. It is a prize to encourage an upcoming architect in early to mid career responsive to Asian culture and environment.
The assessment of Asian architecture is difficult as it involves a great geographic region of varying climate and situations. Coupled with this in the multitude of traditional cultures many of which have originated in ancient times such as China and India while some countries such as Singapore are seeking responses to a newly developed society and culture.
The jury considered many while applicants some of whom are already distinguished in Asian Architecture, however a difficult decision was taken to nominate Chan Soo Khian as the recipient of the SIA-Getz Prize.
Although working mainly in the tropical environments of Asia, he has, been described as 'one of the new breed of Singapore architects – cosmopolitan, globally aware, overseas educated, an elegant finalist'. Soo Khian has developed an architecture language using a distinctive interpretation of 'modernism' whilst at the same time developing a strategy that incorporates the culture and the life style of Singapore.
Some of his works reflect direct response to sustainability and environmental issues, whilst some of his works particularly on high rise apartments, an ubiquitous housing. form in Asia, he uses high technology to solve problems.
This he does in an extremely elegant way. His detailing is articulate, simple and elegant, his understanding and interpretation of space intriguing and developed relating to one of the basic aspects of Asian Architecture, the unity between built form and nature, internal/external space and the pervading influence of landscape, controlled wild.
Not only is Soo Khian a talented designer, he also contribute to the discussion of architecture.

It has been recognised previously both nationally and internationally with prizes and awards particularly the RIBA International 2005 for Lincoln International.

The jury encouraged greater participation by Asian countries in the exposure and the nomination of young architectural talent. It is through a prize such as SIA-Getz that the advancement of regional response can be manifest at the same time standing proud within the international arena of architecture.