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The Jury has unanimously awarded the SIA-Getz Architecture Prize 2010 to Co-Laureate Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassel from WOHA Architects Pte Ltd. The Jury acknowledged the contribution made by the two of them on the architecture of Singapore and the regional context both in its innovation to solutions in housing, transportation hub / interchange, commercial and institutional building typologies but also in the way their buildings respond and contribute to the environment. In an age concerned with sustainable architecture, they have embraced a series of technologies and techniques, integral in the architecture and effective on their interpretation. The monsoon window and vertical greenery are examples of this interpretation.
The architecture is elegant and stylish using materials in a sensible and poetic way. Their buildings do not succumb to attention seeking “icon” but to a quieter response incorporating the essence of “spirit of place”
Their work is being recognized in Asia and globally as a response to tropical architecture and the demonstration the architecture is and always has been both function and delight.
It is desire of the Jury that Mun Summ and Richard will continue to explore new architecture consistent with the ideals of the SIA-Getz Architecture Prize as an emerging practice.