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InPro Formatrac™

InPro Formstrsc™ is manufactured with a 99% recycled aluminum core and ABS (non-PVC) shell. This patent pending product results in the most-durable and lightweight bendable track. InPro Formatrac™ carriers slide quietly and effortlessly across the track.

InPro Formatrac™ is available in three standard lengths; 2.4m, 4.9m and 32m rolls. This allows for virtually any length or radius bend required. InPro Formatrac™ is both easy to install and works with virtually any ceiling type including both tegular and flush ceiling tile.

InPro Shield™ Protective Intelligent Fabric
Shield™ is an ati-bacterial and stain resistant fabric for use as privacy and shower curtains, window treatment and bedspreads. Shield combines anti-baterial properties with stain resistance for easy maintenance. It incorporates Aegis Microbe Shield ™ technology to support the elimination of the micro-organisms.